My Focused Practice Areas

My Focused Counties Are: DuPage - Cook - Will - Kane - Kendall

Traffic Law

Traffic Law

Illinois Vehicle Code Violations

I represent clients who have been charged with speeding, driving on suspended licenses, overweight violations, CDL, accidents, and all other violations of the Illinois Vehicle Code. My practice takes me to many traffic locations in several counties every week. This allows me to stay on top of the changes in the law, and also the procedures each courthouse follows, as they will vary from county to county. I subscribe to updated law changes that occur to keep me fully informed as to any changes that will impact traffic decisions.

I Will Fight To Keep Your License

I will fight to keep your driver's license. I can usually work with the state's attorney to possibly reduce your violations. I will make sure your rights are protected. My goal will be to thoroughly explain to you any potential consequences of your case so that you will be aware of any future impact on your driver's license.

Driving Under the Influence – DUI

Driving Under the Influence – DUI

I Will Fight to Keep Your License

Anyone can get a DUI and so often that is your first exposure to the criminal court system. The law has evolved over the years to make the consequences of DUI quite severe. DUI clients are a regular part of my practice. I keep abreast of all of the changes in the law by regularly attending DUI seminars and following the new case law. Timing is very important in these cases for motions to be filed, so please contact me ASAP. I will try every aspect of a DUI case including summary suspension hearings, motions to suppress evidence, and trials by bench or jury. Every county and courtroom has different procedures concerning how these types of cases are handled, including the first aspect of the DUI case, the summary suspension hearing. My experience will help to navigate you through this entire process and for most offenders, there will be relief from the serious consequences.

I Will Make Sure Your Rights Are Protected

Certain second time DUI offenders and Driving While License Suspended offenders are at risk to have their vehicle seized and possibly forfeited to the State. I have experience in the most serious of these cases and will be able to represent you and help you get a seized vehicle returned. My familiarity and experience in DUI cases will assist you in obtaining a fair and just result from the most simple DUI to a very complex case that may include drugs and/or hospital blood tests.

Misdemeanors and Felonies

Misdemeanors and Felonies

I Will Make Sure There Was Sufficient Probable Cause and Evidence

The area of criminal law encompasses petty offenses, misdemeanors and felonies. If you are charged with any of these offenses it could have a lasting impact on your life and the lives of those who depend upon you. Selecting the proper attorney is crucial. I promise I will thoroughly and completely review your case and explore all potential consequences and ramifications. I will make sure there was sufficient probable cause to support the charges against you.

I Will Make Sure Proper Police Procedure Took Place

My experience as a former prosecutor and defense attorney for over 35 years has exposed me to most all major offenses including sex offenses, drug possession or trafficking, thefts, battery, attempted murder and murder. The states attorney office will overstate or exaggerate most offenses, with a conviction as their only goal in mind. I will look for every possible defense and mitigation and if necessary, I will plea bargain the case. I have tried over 75 jury trials including death penalty cases to verdict. I will treat you and your case with honesty, compassion and integrity.

Drug Cases

Drug Cases

Drug Cases Are Very Serious

Being charged with a drug case in Illinois is very serious and can have very serious consequences for you. Drug cases can be very complex in nature with lots of components being involved. I will review your case and charges and conference with the state's attorney to discuss your case.


I will carefully review the evidence in your case and conference with the state's attorney and determine what the best outcome for your case is. I have a lot of experience with drug cases and can handle any drug offense charge in the State of Illinois. Some drug cases are entered and issued as municipal ordinance violations. It is important to have representation in these cases as well as they can impact your future record.

Expungements and Sealing Cases

Expungements and Sealing Cases


The process of getting your arrest record expunged or sealed is an important step to take once your case has been properly closed. There are some charges in Illinois that your arrest, supervision and or probation records can be expunged. It is important not to have these records follow you the rest of your life. Bad decisions when you were young should not effect your adult life and the chance to gain employment.

The Process

I will file all the necessary paperwork with the State and research whether your case is eligible to be expunged or sealed. There is a difference between an expunged case and a sealed case. Expunged cases are physically destroyed records and to remove the name from any official index or public record. Sealing a case is the records are maintained; however, they are made unavailable to the public without a court order. Sealed cases can also have the persons name removed from public records.

Post Conviction

Post Conviction

Post Conviction Proceedings

Many times, convictions for felonies can be overturned after appeals are denied through the use of post conviction proceedings. This is a very complicated procedure, which I have had success in over the years, and am very familiar with.