Questions Most Asked By Clients

  • Do you charge for consultations?

    No, consultations are free of charge.

  • Are Consultations available evenings and weekends?

    Yes, I make every effort to accommodate your busy schedule. It is most important to consult with an attorney as soon as possible after your arrest to answer all your questions and possible options.

  • What about fee payments?

    I will be glad to work out fee payment plans in the right situation. Usually an initial retainer is required within a few weeks of hiring me and the balance will be due prior to the case being concluded. I also accept VISA, Mastercard and Discover Card.

  • Can I call you with questions as they come up?

    I usually return telephone calls within a day or two, depending on my schedule. I return calls during the evening and on weekends, if necessary, to try and answer all your questions. It is important that you leave your telephone number with any messages you leave.

  • Will we have time to discuss matters when we are in court?

    We will discuss your case in court, but court is usually not the best place to have in depth discussions as most likely I will have to attend to another client right after you are done in court. This does not mean that your case is not important but detailed sessions should be discussed prior to coming to court.

  • How should I dress for court?

    I would ask that all my clients come to court dressed appropriately, i.e. suit and tie for men and appropriate dress for women. Dress casual is also accepted. You should not wear excessive jewelry especially on facial areas. Remember, the judge will be looking at you and impressions are important.

  • Will you be on time for court?

    There may be times when I will be late. I try to keep these to a minimum and warn you ahead of time. You should always wait inside the courtroom. If your case is called and I am not there, advise the court that I am running late. If I am extremely late, please call my office. However, you must be on time in accordance with your bond slip. Be advised that some courthouses have long security lines to enter so it is important to take this in consideration when coming to court. Try to arrive at court approximately 15 minutes prior to your court time. Camera cellphones are not allowed at the courthouse, so be sure to leave them in your car. Also, it is extremely important that you keep me informed of your current telephone numbers and addresses so I can stay in touch with you.

  • Will you send me a final concluding letter?

    In most cases I will send you a letter within 1 month of our last court date. Be sure to save that letter and read it carefully along with all of your court documents.